The Green Beagle Institute is a formally registered NGO in Beijing, China, which focuses on environment protection including environment impact monitoring, environmental investigations, public dissemination of environmental knowledge etc. We believe that everyone could contribute to the improvement of China's environment by active pursuit of learning and understanding.

        The Green Beagle Institute has two differential branches:

        Environmental monitoring center aims at helping the public learn more about environment status and its effects on human health. We use professional monitoring equipments on electromagnetic environment, indoor air environment, noise environment and water environment. Volunteers are trained as a main force, while experts and scholars in relevant fields are invited to give instructions and lectures in the process. With the data we collect, we are trying to establish an independent monitoring system as reference for the public.

        Environmental investigation center focuses on various environmental accidents which damaged or are damaging the natural environment. We do field work with experts and journalists, and broadcast our findings through our media network. Our purpose is to push relevant stakeholders to solve the environmental problems. Up to now, we have carried out survey on forest destruction, grassland degradation and destruction, wetland damage, chemical pollution, waste plastic industry, etc.